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Our flagship product. Deck overlays add protection, beauty, and non slip qualities to your interior or exterior deck. Made of state of the art, high density closed cell PE and EVA foam, our deck overlays will add style and comfort to your investment.
Our Deck Overlays are UV stable, stain resistant, weather proof and easy to clean. They are perfect for high traffic areas.
Our Overlays will take the wear protecting your marine investment while still maintaining it’s look and style.


What We Do at Walk The Plank Marine

Our Deck Overlays are custom made for each client. We carefully measure and template each area and place that data into our CAD system. Our designer than sculpts your overlays with a custom pattern unique to your project. Designs can include logos, names and just about any form of personalization.

Installation is non-invasive and requires only a short amount of time. Our Custom Cut Deck Overlays come ready to apply with the highest qualtiy marine adhesive.

For more information on how to get WTP Deck Overlays for your boat, Call 844-925-5843 or send us some basic information about you, and your boat through the Contact page.

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